Gone Absolutely Bananas

Generally, when we say that someone has gone bananas, we don’t mean it too literally. It’s more of a figure of speech. But somehow, some art collectors have taken things a few steps further and are actually going bananas over a banana that’s been duct-taped over a white wall.

And some are in fact willing to pay as much as $120,000 for this duct-taped banana too. 

The work of art has been named ‘Comedian’ and is the work of Maurizo Cattelan, an Italian artist. Comedian was put up for sale at the Miami Art Basel festival, and the original edition of the work was sold for $120,000 to a French art collector.

A second edition was sold for the same mind-blowing price, which upped the price of the third edition to an unbelievable $150,000. 

The artist is known to be somewhat of a jokester in the art world, which should come of no surprise, especially based on the name of his latest piece.

But according to the Gallery selling his work, this banana is no laughing matter and is to be taken with utter seriousness, and Cattelan has invested hard work and dedication into perfecting this masterpiece.

We’ll stick to the grocery store for now for a banana and some duct tape. Maybe another day. 

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