Global Village Dubai

Global Village is situated in Dubai and is the largest tourism, entertainment, and food project. It has the cultures of over 90 countries and combines the cultures all over the world in one place. The area is divided into four main sections with food, concerts, acts, and carnivals having a different section for each of its categories. In the food section, there is food from all over the world like Chinese, American, and many more. This attracts tourists from different sections of the world to witness the greatest place in Dubai.


Dubai also has the most enormous malls with amazing facilities. It also has the world’s first five-star hotel ‘Burj Khalifa’ which is as grand as it looks from the outside. There are three ways to enter this hotel air, water, and land. Only the rich can afford to live in this hotel which is plated with gold on the stairs. Dubai Aquarium is also a very famous tourist place because of the wide range of sea animals present there. It looks like a tunnel and the people have a 180 view of the sea with a guide by their side telling them about unique features about the animals.

Nobody would have believed that Dubai being a desert area would have a skiing resort. Dubai Ski resort has many snow related activities which can be enjoyed by everyone, even by those who don’t know how to ski. The beaches are also a main tourist attraction with clear water and scorching heat, it is the best to spend the summer there with your loved ones. Amusement Parks are full of great swings and food to spend your day. Roller coasters and Ferris wheels are the best swings for adventurous people who are looking for a thrilling time in Dubai city

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