Glass Beach Cubicles

We’re not quite sure what this summer will look like at the beach, and if it will be permitted or safe. And while that’s, of course, an upsetting thought since it’s something we all surely look forward to all year long, one creative and innovative Italian company has come up with the ultimate solution, and yes, it involves cubicles.  Nuova Neon, based in Modena, Italy wasn’t ready to let Italy’s tourism get hurt if it didn’t have to, which is why they’ve come up with the idea of transparent beach cubicles.  

The idea behind these cubicles would be to enable people to still enjoy some beach time and sunshine, while still keeping a safe distance from other travelers.  These beach cubicles measure 2 meters high, and 4.5 meters wide on each side of the cubicle, and can fit as much as two sunbeds, as well as an umbrella for some shade. They even have a little extra space to comfortably move around in and stretch between naps. While all of this news is incredibly exciting, it is still important to note that they are still in the stages of designing, and their solution has yet to be accepted. 

These roofless cubicles are even reported to be made of a very special type of glass that actually blocks UV rays, and also has built-in sanitizer dispensers. It really couldn’t possibly get any better if you ask us, but many beach operators are still not convinced that the idea is realistic, or at least not in Italy just yet.  It was also brought up that since many of the beach areas in Italy experience very strong winds, which could pose the risk of the cubicles being swept away.  It’s expected that the first trials of the cubicles for such a person are to be shipped out in just a few weeks, so stay tuned to see what this summer looks like!

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