Little Girl Ask’s Stepfather To Adopt Her

When people fall in love with one another there are sometimes surprises that come along the way especially once they really get to know a person. For this guy, it was unexpected. Tim Bobbitt started to date a woman by the name of Annie. As their relationship got more serious, it was time to meet Annie’s daughter Kylee, who she raised as a single mother.

In the beginning, he never thought that meeting Kylee would turn into something larger but they instantly grew a bond like no other. Kylee always wanted a father and with Bobbitt being such a large part of her life she decided to pop the question.

On Kylee’s mother Annie’s wedding day to Bobbitt, she read a speech in the ceremony asking Tim to become her official father and adopt her. Just a few months later after all the paperwork was complete, he decided to surprise his newest daughter Kylee with a surprise of a lifetime.

Bobbitt so excited decided to stage a family photoshoot. Mid-shoot he interrupted it by starting to read Kylee a letter that today is the day he is officially adopting her.

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