Gigi Hadid’s “Guest in Residence”

We know the infamous Gigi Hadid as the top model and a mom but to our surprise, she has entered the fashion market by launching her own cashmere brand called ‘Guest in Residence’. This brand was recently launched to showcase Gigi Hadid’s cashmere collection available in twenty-one different styles and designs. These products are priced between $95-$795; this brand can be part of the luxury fashion market. She has collaborated with several different brands in the past decade but it is her first time launching a clothing brand on her own. This is not a limited collection as Gigi Hadid has started planning the next collection already.

Getty images/Getty Images Entertainment/ Victor Boyko/ Contributor

This is an online clothing brand as there are no physical stores opened yet. She did host a pop-up where several different influencers were invited to purchase the collection. Different cashmere styles are available, ranging from cropped sweaters, sweatshirts, oversized hoodies, etc. For instance, she felt that a light cashmere sweater can be worn during the early winter season. Some of the items are also available for both sexes as they are unisex. In an interview with a fashion magazine, Gigi Hadid revealed the reason behind a cashmere collection. Her main idea about the cashmere brand was to create clothes that are long-lasting, can be passed down to several generations, are labeled as luxury items, and are what people would like to wear in the comfort of their homes.

If you have seen the look-book, you would notice that different types of people are the models for this brand. People of no specific size or age are the models. Gigi Hadid has made this collection wearable for people ranging from zero to hundred years of age. The main reason for that was to showcase how cashmere is a luxury material and has never left the fashion market. She wanted people to use this collection to pass them down to their smaller generations without losing quality as well.

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