Gene Edited Food In Restaurants

Genetically edited soybeans are now being used in the dressings and sauces of an American food service company, marking an all new milestone when it comes to gene-edited food.

The company, located in the Midwestern region has created an oil that is reported to be the very first gene edited food to be used commercially.  This may be a sign that we are moving towards a society with more affordable and healthy food due to genetic engineering.

The company, Calyxt claims that it’s genetically edited soybean oil contains zero trans fast, and even more healthy fats than other standard soybeans oil. The oil is also reported to have an even longer shelf-live, making for a more cost-efficient option for consumers.

Calyxt has yet to disclose the name of the restaurant using their soil due to competition, however they are hopeful that the news will spread, and that it will inspire others to take on this new innovation.

Thankfully, gene-edited crops have not been part of all of the controversies related to genetically modified organisms, especially since they are quite different. When it comes to GMO’s, the genes from an organism are transferred to the other. In gene editing however, the crop’s own genes are either activated or deleted, making for a more natural process.

This surely won’t be the last of genetically edited food to enter the consumer market.

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