Gender Neutral Doll

For quite sometime now, many have been pushing manufactures on the idea of gender neutrality in their products. Considering toys are one of the main sources of fun for children, it is essential that they stay updated with the times. In this case, inclusivity.

Well, just recently, Mattel, the company that created Barbie announced “the world’s first gender-neutral doll,” with the “hopes to redefine who gets to play with what, erasing the traditional taboos,” according to Bored Panda. The idea behind the doll is very simple and will teach children the proper ideas behind gender.

These dolls sold will be available in many skin tones. When purchased, the doll will come with a multitude of accessories, wigs, and clothes. Giving the child the option of changing the doll whenever their heart desires. Just like Mattel said, it is a gender-neutral doll, which is exactly what they are giving consumers.

Mattel clearly tried very hard to ensure that their doll was nothing like the classic Barbie that children know of. The doll’s lips are not plump, long eyelashes aren’t visible and breasts are not placed on the doll. Overall, making this doll one of a kind and the start of something new and great.

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