Gender Fluid Emojis

Google has announced that they will be adding an impressive fifty-three emojis in an attempt to make these expressive and interactive symbols more inclusive and accepting of all kinds of people, regardless of how they may choose to identify themselves.

Google has decided to refer to such emojis as Gender Fluid, rather than asexual, the third gender, or the neutral gender. According to Jennifer Daniel, the emoji director of Android, such terms are only to be used when it comes to clothing, not people.  The term fluid makes for something that is as inclusive as ever.

These emojis are yet to be released and are still a work in progress, however rumor has it that they share the same features as other classic emojis, however, have small differences about them, making them appear to be neither sex. Not male, and not female. They are whatever you want them to be.

They are set to come out any day now on Android Q phones, and since Google and Apple have had no shortage of collaborative projects together already, they may very well also come up with their own kinds of these innovative gender-fluid emojis sooner than later.

Fingers are crossed.

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