Strange Russian Weddings

Russians really know how to take everything to the absolute extreme. Whether it is a wedding or a birthday party, these fellows know what is up. Even though these pictures that we are about to see can be considered beyond strange and gawky, the laughs will for sure outdo the weirdness. Check out these images that will give you a sneak preview into the lives of these hilarious Russians.


Take Flight



The sky is cloudy with a chance of chickens!!! Make way for this bride and groom who are just way too excited to throw raw chickens in the air. Just by looking at their faces we can tell chicken juice is about to go flying onto them. Maybe they should have worn a raincoat and thought it through beforehand.



Miserable Much?



This bride couldn’t look more miserable if she tried. As she sits at her overcrowded wedding table she is wondering why people say to get married. If only she listened to her gut feeling earlier.


Take A Peek



Peek-A-Boo, we see you! This couple seriously knows how to put the strange in a photo. Making everyone who unfortunately sees the picture cringe automatically.



Got The Boot



Check out this bride trying to ride off in a romantic style from her wedding. As much as she tried her very hardest to look nonchalant and as if she is a professional horseback rider, she failed, clearly. The poor bride may have sprained a few bones and got a few bruises in the making but we are sure she is just fine.





Rapunzel, rapunzel… let down the groom is the exact scene we are thinking of when taking a look at this beyond interesting picture. As the groom is hanging above ground with only a rope to rely on, we truly hope it was worth it, especially if he drops.



Ride Me, Cowboy



What says romance any better than riding along the beach as the sun is about to set. For these two, they decided to take the easy way out by photoshopping themselves to be a part of the horse’s literal body. A bit strange, but we have seen worse.


Coming In Hot



As Katy Perry would say, “You’re going to hear me roar!” is the exact words one would use to explain what is going in this picture. This bride is ready to prance on anyone who gets in her way as she graceful walks down the aisle to marry her true love. So beware, she is on the prowl.



Banana Mouth



Oh baby, are they trying to reenact a couple sipping on spaghetti and meeting in the middle? If so, we apologize in advance to anyone who sees’s this cringe-worthy picture. As this epic fail occurs, we hope and pray no one but the photographer was in the room at the time being.


Everybody Dance Now



Peep this bride breaking it down on the dance floor. If only we had her moves at that age…As far as we are concerned, the sprinkler is about all we got to show at any upcoming event or wedding.



Chubby Bunny



Chubby bunny is a game that most people play anywhere but a wedding. Even though this doesn’t look like the exact version of the game, it is close to being pretty similar. With an unknown purpose, of course.


Ice Princess



It seems to be that this ice princess wife doesn’t really want much to do with her newlywed husband. Even though they just exchanged their vows at the alter and probably said how they never will leave one another’s side, it looks like this promise has already been broken.



Love Me Some Watermelon



Check out this recently married couple who is taking love to a whole never level. Whether we are completely weirded out or just have no words, one will never know. All we can say is that boy do they love themselves some watermelon.