Game Of Thrones Spoiler Insurance

Endsleigh Insurance Services, a British insurance company has come out with their most recent endeavor: a special spoiler cover package for all dedicated Game of Thrones fans.

What does this mean exactly? Any Game of Thrones fan who has the plotline ruined before they managed to see it for themselves by either social media or those around them is actually covered by this package.

This is especially important for this series since it airs at different times in both the United Kingdom and the United States.  The grand finale is expected to be aired an entire nineteen hours later in the United States, which increases the chances of the plot being ruined for a fan who has been anxiously awaiting to see the exciting outcome for themselves.

So that’s exactly why Endsleigh Insurance Services has decided to offer a unique service that provides compensation for those who have had their experience ruined.  Any fan who has been let down and had the show spoiled can be given up to 100 pounds.

This spoiler insurance is the first of it’s kind, and of course has been designed exclusively for Game of Thrones, seen as it’s got one of the largest amounts of viewers yet, but if all proves to be successful, perhaps such a concept can be made possible for other popular TV shows.

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