Galephobia, a fear of sharks. Sharks are one of the dominant predators that swim in the great blue sea. Whether we learn about them during Shark Week or read an article on the news, it is bound to be that everyone knows of these semi friendly creatures.

As many continue to fear sharks, it has been found that there is a reason behind this uneasiness. This reason is pretty simple and makes a lot of sense. Since there is nothing wrong with a having a fear of a physical or inanimate object, it is known that we developed this fear a long time ago.

Back then, our ancestors were constantly introduced to new animals and creatures. While these discoveries continued to be found, fears began to form.

The second we think or say the word shark, it instantly pairs with attack. Shark attacks, are what us humans fear. The idea of taking a nice swim in the ocean and then a second later being swooped by this monstrous animal is enough to make people never step foot in the ocean again.

Even though shark attacks are very unlikely, people still continue to carry on this fear. As soon as us humans decide to let go of this fear and steer clear of shark infested waters, galephobia will no longer be a thing of concern.

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