Futuristic Airplane Seats

When flying economy, as most of us typically do, the seats often lack sufficient padding, as well as enough leg room. What’s most frustrating however, is the lack of consistent entertainment.

Layer, a British designer has heard these complaints loud and clear, and has decided to work together with Airbus, in order to create the airplane seats of the future. Ones that are not only more comfortable for the economy flyer, but that may also even be able to save on fuel due to it’s impressively light design.

Layer strongly believes that everyone, regardless of their social status, deserves to have a well-designed seat, especially on a flight. Too often, new technologies are only introduced for first class travelers.

The new design uses a special material known as smart textiles, that contains a type of polyester that contains sensors inside. The material enables travelers to control a variety of features, such as the pressure, temperature, and even the seat tension.  The fabric will automatically match itself up based on the weight and size of the traveler, and these features can be adjusted with an app.

Large flat-screen screens can also be arranged, depending on the specific airline, and the seats even provide a friendly reminder to travelers to get up and stretch. And last but not least – the seats do not recline, ensuring that each and every passenger will never have to go without enough leg room.

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