Furry Friends & Delivery Drivers

There are many jobs that entail much more than a person would believe. For instance, applying to be a UPS driver, one would think that it is quite simple and it doesn’t have anything else to it. Not a Facebook page or even a group chat.

Well, after checking out social media sites it has come to the attention of many that these drivers do a lot more than just drop off a package at someone’s door.

A few years back, a UPS driver decided to make a Facebook page that would allow drivers to post all the furry friends they see on route. Over the course of time, some of these furry friends have become a part of their daily stops. Making their jobs a bit more wholesome.

The Facebook page has pictures of almost every animal one would see while driving along the road. From the most random animals to the simplest, these drivers have pretty much seen it all. Goats, sheep, deer, and dogs, the list is endless. In total, these animals have made a significant impact on these driver’s workdays and we must say it is quite cute.

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