Dysfunctional Siblings

To anyone who grew up in a house filled with siblings, we all are pretty aware of the downfalls and greatness of being surrounded by family members 24/7.  Now, siblings can be considered a blessing in disguise or a disaster that is waiting to happen. As much as we love our family members, sometimes it’s just too much to handle. Check out these siblings who truly know how to make a bad situation into a good one with a lot of laughs to go with it.


Arts & Craft Time



We all can say that arts and craft time was the best time of the day in our household. For this sibling, he took his artistic talents to the extreme while using a new kind of medium, his little sister’s face. Maybe next time the parents should keep an eye out on playtime.



Woof Woof



Growing up with a family dog is usual for many households. For this family of three siblings, they were able to showcase the true side of their dysfunctional lives. As there two cute but not so loving dogs go head and head in a barking match, mid photo.


Slip And Slide



One of our favorite childhood memories is playing on the playground in our local community. As we swung on the swing set or ran around like crazy kids, we always had the time of our lives… unless there wasn’t enough room for all of us to play. Being that we all wanted to slip and slide down, this argument was a usual sibling debate. In order to avoid this talk, this sibling decides to give their family member the boot right down the slide proving their lack of patience.



Personal Space?



We would think that siblings know the idea of personal space especially when it’s a brother-sister relationship. For these siblings, there are clearly no boundaries. Weird, weird and just weird.


Wake Up!


This picture goes out to all the people who love and live for their daily naps. Now imagine being deep in sleep and your baby sibling decides to mess with you a bit. How mad would you be?



Baby Alert



As this sister is in labor, crying her eyes out her older sister can’t help but be as supportive as she can. While the pain she is enduring is definitely not funny, this sister couldn’t help herself when it comes to snapping a picture. It will be good for the memories!


Whoop There She Is



Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat… Halloween time is here and we just want some treats. As these kids were playing in the playground they just couldn’t help but leave their sister hanging, literally. If only grandma took a look around!



Now Watch Me Whip



As her brother is trying to whip in style, she couldn’t help herself but get in the way. Unfortunately for this gal she might have got herself in a bind and experienced a strike or two right to the stomach. Maybe next time she will look where she is going.


Oh Mama



We would think that personal space and boundaries were a well-known fact in any family situation. For these brothers, they took popping someone’s bubble to the extreme. We aren’t too sure why this mother let it happen but it seems to be fine on her part.



Out Ya Go



These siblings aren’t playing hide and seek. They are fully trying to escape the house. Check out this brother trying to help his sibling leave without being seen. Clearly, they didn’t do a great job leaving, being that their parents caught them in action with this picture to prove it.


Okay, I See You…



There is something majorly wrong with this photo being that the sister is way taller than the brother. Why in the world is he holding her up to see what’s inside the tank? This makes absolutely no sense.






These cute siblings definitely got into their mother’s makeup drawers without asking. As they tried their very hardest to rock their mother’s light pink lipstick. Unfortunately, they failed and managed to get it all over their faces.