Fresh Fruit Sticker

One of the greatest struggles of today’s world is food waste.  What’s especially problematic is fruits and vegetables, where 52% of harvests are estimated to go bad before reaching consumers.

A Malaysian company claims to have found a effective and easy solution to this issue. They’ve created a small sticker that prevents fruit from going back for as long as two weeks.

Although most of us have surely stickers on fruits before, the ones made by Stixfresh are new to everyone.  The standard stickers we see are used merely to let consumers know where the fruit was grown and by who. However Stickfresh stickers have a completely different goal.

These special stickers actually contain an all natural formula that makes the ripening process slower, and in turn, keeps the fruit more juicy and more fresh for a longer period of time.

Stickfresh are made with entirely organic materials and contain a mixture of beeswax and Sodium Chloride that slows down the activity of the bacteria in the fruit.

The founder came up with this idea four years ago, after hearing a friend complain that his would lose money in his fruit stall due to fruits spoiling.