Free Whopper At Cost Of Ex Partner

Burger King has decided to put a twist on this year’s Valentine’s Day. Instead of providing customers with significant others an incentive to come into the fast-food chain, they are giving single individuals a chance to get a delicious and free meal.

According to Business Insider “select Burger King branches in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Boston,” are allowing customers to drop off pictures of their ex-lovers on Valentine’s Day, providing them with a free Whopper in return.

For people that do not live in the areas where the promotion is available, Burger King has provided restaurant go-ers with an in-app quiz on the Burger King application. Once it is completed, they receive a free Whopper.

Some locations are also allowing customers to bring in items such as stuffed animals, letters or even clothing that either was their ex’s or an item they received from them. In turn, providing people a medium to get rid of their past and live in the present.

The Whopper comes in a “Birds Of Prey,” themed break-up box, which is the new Harley Quinn film that will be released on Valentine’s Day. All photographs that are dropped off at Burger King will be thrown away and destroyed so there is no need to worry about what the restaurant shall be doing with the evidence of ex-relationships.

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