Former Inmate Robs Back To Return To Jail

A sixty eight old former inmate released from prison after serving twenty years,  has recently robbed a bank in Wisconsin for the very reason of wanting to return to prison only six months later.

William Gallagher took a train to Chicago, and then another to Milwaukee in order to rob a Chase bank. He headed right into the bank, however rather than trying to steal as much as money as possible and then escape before being caught by authorities, he actually demanded a few $100 bills, and then simply requested from the bank teller to call the police.

He then waited around for them to come and arrest him, slightly different than your typical bank robbery.  It became clear that he had no intention of actually leaving the bank with stolen money, but that his goal was actually just to get sent back to jail for the crime he had committed.

Gallagher apparently had spent so much time in prison that the shift to the outside world was too much for him to handle.  He decided to try to get back into a prison in Wisconsin after hearing from a fellow inmate that they had the best one’s in all of the United States, which is why he traveled there to commit his crime.

He also apparently was told that Wisconsin has great healthcare for their inmates, and after recently having cancerous growths removed from his skin, and finding out that he has a number of other health issues, he figured that he would be able to get the best treatment in prison.

Gallagher requested to be locked up for another ten years, and it is still being discussed in the court. His lawyer has been put in a strange position, and generally their job is to reduce the sentence as much as possible, but at the same time he has to follow the wishes of his client.

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