Foods To Fix Furniture

A Chinese man, who has chosen to go by the name Xiubandrng, on a video upload platform known as Douyin is a major Do It Yourself believer, more so than we’ve ever heard before or imagined possible.

Xiubandrng , has gone viral basically overnight. How you may ask is this possible? Well, it’s all thanks to his unique sense of creativity and his never before heard of approach to figuring out solutions to problems around the house.

Although this highly unconventional handyman has been impressing fans in China with his ways for months already, he is new to the Western world, and only now has started to show them what he’s made of.

A video of him fixing up a broken sink by using dry ramen noodles and glue went viral across a variety of social network platforms, and people went nuts over it, seeing that his cost-efficient and simple method actually worked to make the sink look as good as new.

And as it turns out, his noodle stunt is only one of many of his unique ways of fixing things around the house. There’s close to nothing out there that¬†Xiubandrng can’t fix with some glue and food.

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