Food Myths & How They’ve Shaped The Way We Eat

It’s become a part of modern society to constantly be learning the latest health trend. We’ve all decided to challenge ourselves to achieve these food goals, and it’s not even that the debate is about the quality of the food itself, but we barely know what to eat and what not to eat.

Food myths are continuously driving us crazy and lying to us. But that’s because we let them. What once upon a time was considered healthy is no longer healthy, and it goes both ways too.  Food myths have without a doubt shaped the way in which we eat and teach our children to eat. Maybe gaining a better understanding that not all myths are true can restructure our approach to food.

Avoid Fried Foods 

It has been a myth since the beginning of time that fried foods consumed in excess can led to heart issues including high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity. We’ve all grown up believing it should be avoided as much as possible. However a recent study has shown that food prepared in oil, specifically olive oil and sunflower oil does not in fact present heart issues.

All Carbs Are The Devil

There are two types of carbohydrates, simplex and complex. Simple are those such as soft drinks and candies. Complex carbs include beans, whole grains and fruit. Complex carbs are of vital importance since they are a high source of fiber, which is crucial for our brain, stomach and energy.  However when it comes to simple carbs, they do not have many nutrients and cause sugar levels to rise, leading to weight gain. When going on a completely carbohydrate diet, think again when you decide to eliminate all kinds.

The Dark Truth About Chocolate

Research has shown that dark chocolate is very healthy and provides many benefits, such as regulating blood pressure. It also increases serotonin levels, also known as the happiness hormone.  Cocoa, with the highest amounts in dark chocolate is also full of antioxidants which prevent cell damage. Chocolate in moderation therefore leads to a better state of overall health.

Water Quantities 

The common saying is that we should have around eight full glasses of water to make our body properly function. However this is somewhat a false myth. Drinking too much water is just as dangerous as not drinking enough. You can cause your body to go through water intoxication by drinking too much. Everything in balance.

Swallowing Gum 

You were most likely told as a child that if you were to swallow your gum, it would stay in your stomach for seven years. Truth be told, this is not fact. The stomach cannot digest gum as it does with other foods, so it does it through excretion. .

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