Food Bans

How would you feel about living without some of your favorite foods? What would life be like without chewing gum, French cheese, or ketchup?  Well, depending on where you live, you might not have much say in the matter, unfortunately.
Apparently, there are fifteen foods that are banned around the world, mostly due to health concerns, but some others are rather surprising.
France, for example, has basically banned ketchup and mayonnaise in school cafeterias. This is a part of their effort to keep the country’s culinary traditions and have children get to know French culture to pass onto their children.
It’s been said that traditional French food does not include hot dogs drenched in sugary tomato syrup.  Only one day a week, students are allowed to eat their French Fries with ketchup.
In Russia, foreign cheese and imported meat is banned, mainly for political reasons, however local cheese makers certainty were not disappointed with the new legislation.
Singapore cracked down on chewing gum in 1992, in an attempt to make the streets as clean as possible. In the U.S, several food items are forbidden by law to be sold, such as haggis, ackee fruit, and black pudding. It’s believed that these foods can cause Jamaican Vomiting Sickness if eaten before it is ripe.

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