Flying Taxi Takes Off From The Airport

A flying taxi has recently taken off at an international airport for the very first time! It did so by even sharing the nearby airspace with other aircraft. 

The flying taxi, the Volocopter 2X was built by a German startup known as Volocopter and took off at the Helskin International Airport. 

What’s special about this particular flying taxi is that it was actually completely integrated with the Air Traffic system and Aircraft Traffic Management systems. 

This proved how such aircrafts can work together with the traditional air traffic systems, and be both efficient and safe in urban places such as an airport. 

This exciting news follows the release of the VoloCity, also by Volocopter which is capable of carrying up to two passengers as well as hand luggage. The VoloCity can also travel as fast as 110km/h. 

Volcocopter will also be setting up a landing facility set to be located in Singapore before the end of 2019. The future of taxis is looking sky high. 

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