Firefighter Sets Houses On Fire

A volunteer firefighter in Pennsylvania has been charged with arson, as well as criminal mischief and risking catastrophe after setting two houses on fire purposefully for the simple reason of boredom.

Ryan Laubham, the 19 year old volunteer was arrested after witnesses testified against him and footage also proved the claims. In both cases he was the main suspect, and he also then eventually admitted to the crimes, claiming that it’s because he was bored.

Two fires that were started one week after the other both show a man running down an alley behind the street where the houses were set on fire. The man waited for police cars to pass by, and then walked into the fire station.

He used gasoline for his first attack, and paper towels for the second one. He has been sent to county jail after failing to pay the $200,000 fine.  As a young man with a bright and promising future, he is very nervous and scared of what will be.

And as crazy as this may sound, firefighters setting up fires is actually not that uncommon. Every year there are around 100 cases due to both boredom, as well as for a desire to receive attention for responding to the fires.  Apparently, some people seem to think this is a good enough excuse.

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