Fighting The Rise Of K-Pop

K-pop is becoming increasingly popular across the globe.  According to China, it’s a trend that poses a major threat to the future of their nation, and therefore they have decided to take a stance and turn boys into Alpha Males. 

A former schoolteacher, Tang Haiyan, decided to establish The Real Man Training Club, a boot camp for children that aims to turn boys into what he refers to as alpha males, offering young boys activities that are specially designed to increase masculinity, including wrestling, boxing, and football.

Other than engaging in masculine sports, they also go on treks through mountains and deserts in order to build up their male characters. Haiyan has the boys shouting slogans and pounding their chests in order to boost their confidence and release their inner manliness.

All of these measures have been taken in order to prevent them from getting sucked into the K-pop culture that has spread across China. Tang, as well as many in China, believe that men are those that will keep the nation alive, as well as their families name, and are worried that they will be overly influenced by the media.

K-pop has already inspired many to dye their hair and very flamboyant, colorful clothing, which according to Tang, makes them weak.  Once enrolled in the training club, boys are no longer reliant on their parents and are not allowed to communicate with them on a regular basis, believing that this is what builds courage.

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