Festivities Around The World

People around the world celebrate various occasions very differently from one another. It is quite engrossing how many different ways humans celebrate various occasions. While Christmas, Hanukkah, and Eid are the most commonly known festivities, there are countless other celebrations that occur around the world. One of the most common Mexican celebrations is known as the ‘Day of the Dead’ and is celebrated between 31st October and 2nd November. During these days families come together to pray and remember their late relatives. Altras, locally known as Ofrendas, are put together in public and private spheres, where people get together and mourn their lost loved ones.

Getty images/Moment/ Tristan Savatier

These altars are decorated with candles, pumpkins and sugar skulls, which serve as more than just a space of worship; instead these are altars that also welcome the spirits of those who have passed. This festival portrays what Mexican culture deems important- family and loved ones. Even if a loved one has passed, it does not mean that they cannot be loved and remembered. Passed ones are also considered to be among the living ones; an idea that puts forth family as an essential part of society and human race, Mexicans in this case.

Another festival is known as Songkran Festival, which takes place in Thailand to commemorate the Buddhist new year. It takes place over a long weekend in mid April, where people across the country flock together to take part in parades, water fights, and dance performances. It is also customary to wash Buddha images with water, a testament that the new year has begun! Families, friends, and communities get together for fun water fights, and everyone is soaked in water by the end of the day! It is an excellent way to form coherence among members of society; a means of forming friendships.

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