Faulty Medical Implants

Rather ironically, medical implants that are specially designed to improve the lives of patients in need are in fact doing just the opposite; injuring, and in some cases, even killing people. Unfortunately, not very much is being done to stop them by regulators.

The Implant Files, an investigation that has been going on for the past year on the manufacturers of medical implant devices, such as pain pumps, pacemakers, artificial joints, and contraceptive coils has found that there are far too many monetary payoffs.

This investigation is led by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, and it is believed that the government agencies are inadequately overseeing what is truly going on. It is also reported there is a highly alarming lack of communication between patients and the medical community.

According to the investigation, the Implant Files is the first global examination of the medical device industry, and it has found that 1.7 million injuries, and nearly 83,000 deaths have taken place in the past decade due to faults in medical devices.

The investigation believes that money is the root of the issue. When a problem arises with any of these devices, these companies have the funds to pay off patients and settle any fines that may have been imposed.

As part of the investigation, a new International Medical Devices Database has been formed, which provides access to any kinds of safety alerts of recalls that took place from 11 different countries.

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