Humorous Airport Pickup By Father

Let’s just say that fathers never fail to amaze us as they go above and beyond for their young ones. With that being said, it does not come by surprise that this father has done exactly what his child probably preferred not to be the case.

Every time Courtney Payne ventures home from graduate school her dad picks her up at the airport. Instead of walking outside, getting to the car and giving a hug hello, Mr. Payne waits outside the gate. Now, unlike others around, Mr. Payne does not go to the gate in any outfit one would consider the norm. Instead, he waits in hilarious costumes usually with a sign involved.

As Courtney realized that her father kept going out of his way to show up at the airport for the “Kardashians,” or “Santa’s Naughty List, Courtney Payne,” she decided that her dad’s sense of humor should be shared with the great portion of the world. So, just like any other person, she shared it on social media.

Soon after, her dad’s actions went viral. Not expecting this to happen, Mr. Payne was blown away by the results and support he has received from the community and beyond.

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