Fast Food Crunchy Bugs

A British company has made it their goal to get people to believe that eating bugs is no strange concept.  They have partnered up with another, larger fast food chain in the United Kingdom in order to successfully complete their mission.

The fast-food chain, Abokado, has recently announced that they will be adding insects to its food menu. So if you’re feeling adventurous and up to trying something new, then their lime flavored or sweet chili crickets will surely do the trick. Apparently, they pair perfectly with either their poke bowl or their salad.

If you’re not too hungry but are just feeling like having a light snack, then you’re best off opting for their snack bag of these little creatures. Super crunchy and make for a great afternoon munch.

Eating bugs has yet to become a popular trend, but believe it or not, it’s not as strange or unheard of as you may think. Since the way in which we produce meat today has proven to be posing a serious threat to humanity, more and more researchers are starting to turn to insects as an alternative way to provide our bodies with protein.

Abokado is already known to be an environmentally friendly brand, so perhaps such a concept would speak to their existing customers.

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