Fashion Winter Colors

As the summers are ending, people are looking ahead to the colder seasons and envisioning the kind of clothes they’d want to wear. From a tight-fighting jumper to a fashionably oversized coat, we’re all coming up with different ways to look presentable and be creative. However, we’re forgetting one of the most important aspects that we must adapt to when a season shifts, and that is color. As human beings, we’ve learned to associate certain colors with specific seasons, opting to use them in our room decorations, our accessories, and most importantly, our clothing.

For autumn and winter, the color palette isn’t exactly identical, but they do possess many similarities. One of these is the way that both are complemented by darker colors. No matter whether they’re in the more warm orange and brown tones of autumn or the cool blue and purple tones of winter, they’re mostly dark. Opt for outfits that utilize darker colors and don’t be afraid to layer dark colors on top of each other.

Getty images/ Westend61/ Westend61

More specifically, we see lots of blue in the winters, especially in the often dark blue and gloomy sky. It would be a smart idea to start stocking up on blue colors, specifically dark ones like navy. If you’re willing to be creative, it’s possible to differentiate between light and dark navy and experiment with different ways you could style those both. Light navy next to white usually looks like a well put together color scheme.

An equally important thing to consider is accessories. While you may have been rocking those gold colored earrings or the rose gold toned watch, it’s time to switch over to silver. It characterizes the icy, cool, shades that we see specifically in the snow and frozen lakes during winters. A simple silver locket will transform outfits by emphasizing how sophisticated you look in them.

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