Fashion Trends That Have Stood the Test of Time

Remember mullets? Remember top hats? Remember overly torn jeans? Remember hair gel? Remember monk strap shoes? Remember afros? Remember walking canes? Remember mustaches? Remember monolithic rainbow mohawks? Remember ivory cocktail dresses? Well, they’re pretty much gone now. Sure, you’ll see a few if you get around enough, but their fifteen minutes of fame are pretty much over. Fashion moves fast, and though you can never be sure what wacky, dilapidated trends will resurface, it’s safe to say that some things have managed to stand the test of time.




Two women posinmg in the street with blue jeans oand other random itesm of clothing

Gettyimages / Christian Vierig / Getty Images Entertianment


A world without jeans. Is that even possible? It may be easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of Levis. This timeless staple of unisex legwear was once pretty much an outfit for people who we worked hard. That is until Calvin Klein and other big-shot designers had their way with them. Now, they’re an essential piece of clothing that pretty much everyone has at least one of in their wardrobe. Much less working hard; way more hardly working.


White sneakers


Man walking in thje street with pink suit and white sneakers

Gettyimages / Edward Berthelot / Getty Images Entertainment


It seems as though the more spins the world gains under its belt the stronger white sneakers ‘chokehold on the fast fashion industry becomes. White sneakers have somehow gained the privileged standing of both sportswear and everyday casual chic. The only problem with them is how easy it is to tarnish their pearlescent whiteness. Like a firework flowering in the sky, sneakers are transient things. That’s what makes them beautiful.


Silk scarves


Danishj mnodel standing in the astreet with a silk scarf

Gettyimages / Melodie Jeng / Getty Images Entertainment


Somehow, silk scarves’ two-hundred-year-reign of fashion supremacy went under our noses. It’s hard to notice just how prevalent they are until you consciously make an effort to point them out wherever you go. They’ve got that modern yet retro vibe we’ve all been trying to perfect since the day we were birthed.


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