Fashion Trends Causing Unexplicable Uproar

As it appears, clothing can in fact make some people quite angry. There are even many threads on online forums about people’s inexplicable hatred of certain fashion trends. If you’re looking for a good laugh, a read through one of these will surely do the trick.

The internet is full of rants about fashion trends, with many labeled with the heading ”People wear things and I don’t like them’.  Harsh.  So what are these fashion trends that are so hated?

One of them is Jelly shoes. Some people absolutely despise these shoes, with people even expressing feelings of anger towards them.  For many, it does make much sense that glittery plastic on the feet of someone else could cause anger.  Perhaps they had a traumatic experience with jelly shoes when they were a child.  The struggle is real.

Another commonly hated fashion trend is mustache patterns, such as t-shirts, coffee cups and socks with mustache patterns on them.  It is reported even that the mustache has been considered to be part of the official Offensive Symbols database.  You better re-think your outfit this morning.

The third so called fashion culprit is flower headbands, which is especially hated by the male species during the time of festivals.  This specific type of hatred usually comes hand in hand with Instagram and very short shorts.  Festival fashion gets a lot of negativity for something intended to be pretty.

Taking out the lenses from the 3-D glasses given at cinemas was quite popular during the time when Taylor Swift wore them in a 2009 music video, but even today they can be seen here and there.  For some people, it makes them completely furious to see someone wearing glasses such as these.
The next item on fashion death row is Birkenstocks, which are in tough competition against the jelly shoes for the most hated footwear.  People often complain about how ugly they are, and that it is way too hipster to wear them with socks.  With all things being said, it appears that footwear that appears to be too comfortable causes people to be angry.

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