Fashion Throughout History

With the invention and eventual creation of clothes, fashion has been a fundamental part of the history of civilization. Throughout time, it has given us insight into social trends and what people valued during those times, as well as many other things we would expect from learning about our past. It is also very interesting to note that with each time period came a different style in different parts of the world, and we see that fashion can change throughout continents to reflect what is going on in a specific area at that time.

While fashion has changed throughout time, there are definitely some major trends and developments that stand out to our current generation. As we look back on what styles of fashion were popular throughout history and what they came to represent, it is important to note that while some trends may only last a certain amount of time, others will stand out and remain in our minds for a lifetime. It is important to note that fashion trends do not die out all at once because certain styles will start falling out of style and be replaced with different styles, but what does this say about our history?


As we progress through different time periods throughout history, we are able to see how fashion has greatly developed and what it can reflect on our society. While fashion trends do give us an idea of what people from a certain society or generation value, such as wealth or status, for example, they also allow people to express themselves in many ways that we may not see at first glance.

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