Famous Gay Mormon Man Who Married A Straight Woman Is Getting Divorced

Perhaps you remember hearing about Josh Weed, the Gay Mormon Man who became famous for marrying a straight woman and made it to the top of the headlines in 2012? Well you’ll be surprised to hear that he’s getting divorced. Him and his soon to be ex-wife have recently announced the shocking news to the public. What does this mean for his fame and for his image?

The couple are based in Seattle and have been married for more than 10 years. They have four daughters together and opened up about their personal relationship for the first time in a blog post that has now been deleted.  It did not take very long for their story to go viral, having even being covered by ABC News, Gawker and many other popular new sites.  At the time of their blog post in 2012, Josh Weed the Gay Mormon Man had made the claim that the couple were in a loving and happy marriage, and have a very healthy and active sex life. He stood by this claim despite them both being very much aware that he is in fact attracted to the opposite sex.

Josh and his wife’s story made many people in the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transsexual community very upset, and understood the situation as a form of an internalized homophobia, and as an effort to push gay Mormons into feeling less comfortable and less accepted with their sexuality.  Josh, who works as a family and marriage counselor as a profession was accused by many of aiming to push conversion therapy on his patients. Weed has denied the accusations.

Josh has written a long blog post announcing that his reasons for ending his marriage with his wife Lolly are that he has finally understood the importance of loving himself as a gay man.

Three years ago, Josh opened up to a close friend that he believes that his sexual orientation is not an unwanted biological defect, but rather something that he sees as beautiful and that strays away from the norm, just like having blue eyes.  Josh questions his friend if perhaps his sexual orientation was meant to be, and is exactly the factor that makes him diverse and brings variety to humanity.  Maybe that’s what God wanted from him?

When Josh approached his wife about the situation, she completely understood.  They discussed what this would mean for their relationship as well as what it would entail for the entire LGBT community.  Josh and his wife explain that they had made a pact to stay together and be a family, and never thought that God would stray them away from these feelings.  But they all of sudden started to identify more with how it would make other LGBT people feel, and what could be if they were able to understand the beauty of their orientation, in the way that Josh finally did.

It hurt them both deeply thinking about all the time they had spent together without having really experienced loved. The couple apologized from their bottom of their hearts for the blog post they released in 2012, and now understand that it did in fact come from an internalized homophobia.

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