Bird Triggers A False Alarm

If this story doesn’t make one laugh at the likelihood of this happening, then boy have you heard it all. A neighboring family heard what seemed to be a woman’s voice screaming for help. Instantly, the family did exactly what was expected. Calling the cops on the neighbor.

As cop cars show up in full force to the neighbor’s house with the belief of someone needing help, they were later surprised at the outcome. On arrival, the owner of the home was outside working on the mechanics of his car. When the police approached him and started to question him, he instantly knew the solution to the suspicion.

Knowing exactly where the source of screaming was coming from, the man started to chuckle and went inside to get his proof. As he walked outside, he had his yellow-naped Amazon parrot on his hand.

The owner of the parrot claims that his bird usually is screaming to itself. Owning it since childhood, the man taught his bird to scream for help to annoy his parents at a younger age. Clearly, he didn’t think that in advance on the dilemma of words being used considering the police showed up to his house with great suspicion.