Faking A Pregnancy

Love is the most wonderful bond two people can have with each other. Even more so if you’re bringing a child into the world together. But what if the connection is so strong, that you would do anything possible to make sure to hold onto it?

A young woman from a small village in Honduras, Rosa Castellanos Diaz was pregnant with twins with her boyfriend, Melvin Mendoza. Well, at least that’s what she told everyone, Melvin included.

Rosa appeared to be pregnant and even showed her ultrasound scan to everyone.  The mother to be got on a bus to be able to give birth at Escuela Hospital.   On the same evening, she called her boyfriend with devastating news that one of the twins had died while she was going through labor, and that the other had to stay in the hospital to get special care.

Rosa returned come with a small casket for a wake. People asked if they could see the infant, but she told them that she was instructed by the hospital not to open it. Melvin was so grief-stricken that his friends needed to hold him up during the ceremony.

After the funeral, everyone was concerned about the situation of the living twin who was still fighting for it’s life. For some people however, something about Rosa’s story just didn’t seem right.  Many of her boyfriend’s friend had suspected for awhile that she had made the entire thing up to maintain their relationship.

Melvin’s friends went to the cemetery to dig up the casket and were shocked to find a doll dressed up as a baby.  They took the casket to the police and returned the doll to Rosa.

The twisted power of love.

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