Fake Blue Lake

Imagine signing a contract for a new lease at the highest class apartment building in the area, so one thinks. As one arrives at their newest humble abode that they believe to be so great, they realize something doesn’t look right. When they signed the lease to live in the building, they were told that they would be looking over a park and a lake.

Little did they know, this freshwater lake was one of straight blue plastic that was put in place to mimic the idea of a lake. The developers of the building believed that they could get away with this plastic lake but once their little trick was figured it out, anger arose.

Understandably, a man-made lake does take on a lot of work but when one promises tenants one thing, it is known that they should provide that amenity. The best part about this fake blue lake is that the developers even took the time to make a bridge over the “lake.” If they took this much time into making it seem right, the question of why couldn’t the building just make the lake arises.

Hopefully, these tenants will one day receive what they were promised but until then the outrage of this fake blue lake will be present in the community.

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