Facial Recognition To Stop School Shootings

Senseless acts of violence happen much too often at American schools, and is a completely heartbreaking reality that affects over 50 million American students.

In order help ease the fear and stress of the population, some private security companies have been promoting their technologies to schools that aim to prevent school shootings. These technologies however have been yet to be proven as successful.

One example is to have cameras that have facial recognition software that are set up both inside and outside of schools.  According to the tech companies, these systems would watch over children closer than ever, and would be able to recognize those that are behaving in a way that could be potentially dangerous.

Although it may sound rather intrusive, using facial recognition without consent is completely legal.  The only states that require consent for such a thing are Texas and Illinois.

Several schools across the country have already invested millions of dollars in the new technology and have set up their facilities with these camera systems.

While we would like more than anything to have a solution to school shootings, unfortunately there remains many concerns over the technology. For example, having many cameras lack the video quality to provide a clear enough picture.  Furthermore, security companies will then have power over data collection.

The facial recognition software has also been shown to be less accurate for people of color, and even in the case of a finding something alarming, the system might not be able to alarm people fast enough to prevent an attack.