Facebook Knows When Your Private Photos Are Posted

According to Facebook, if someone tries to post some of your private, personal photos as revenge or as an attempt to harass you, they can actually detect it, and prevent it from being posted.

The thing is though, that these potential victims would never actually know that such an attempt was made.  Facebook will not send them any kind of notification about the incident, which comes as quite the surprise for a system based off of preventing illegal acts.

We would have expected there to be less secrecy in such a system, especially considering the fact that if harassment is happening is taking place on Facebook, it could also be taking place on other platforms that we could also be unaware of.

Facebook plans to take digital fingerprints in order to touch on any kind of inappropriate photos that were shared with the security team at Facebook.  If any photo was attempted to be posted that matched a certain digital fingerprint, then the upload would be blocked and prevented from being shared.

Such a decision to not share this information with potential victims seems rather strange, however, it’s important to remember that receiving such notification about your personal photos could be seriously traumatizing.

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