FaceApp Skepticism

Scrolling through social media it is inevitable to not be introduced to the new craze that has hit the streets. Just recently, people have been constantly posting pictures of themselves looking a bit older. All thanks to the application, FaceApp, people are able to see what they will look like at an older, more sophisticated age.

This trend has quickly spread as celebrities post hilarious pictures of them from now but way older. Under the fake wrinkles and silver hair, these people are seriously getting a good laugh out of this. What could be funnier than seeing yourself old and gray? Nothing.

Little do people know, this application is most likely laughing at everyone who fell for the trap of facial recognition. Just like every application there are always terms and conditions that we have to agree on before we can proceed using it. Most of the time, we all fail to read these terms and conditions thinking it is no big deal.

In the end of the day, we only care about the end result or what we get from it. In this case being a hilarious photo of us gray and old. Once we get what we want out of the application, it’s all said and done and using it will quickly fade away. Deleting the application and moving onto the next craze.

As we delete the application we believe that the company has nothing on us, but they completely do. If we read the terms of service, we would know that it clearly states how they have a right to use our content and information, with everything being visible to the public.

Learning this has caused many to be more skeptical on downloading the application since their privacy rights are limited being that they can do anything they want with your face. Now knowing this, it is recommended to skim through or take 5 minutes of your day reading the terms of service on any application because you never know what you’ll find.

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