Eye Of The Tiger

The world is consumed by humans, nature and of course wildlife.  These animals that take over part of our land are considered mostly wild and some to be dangerous. More specifically, tigers are apex predators that are ready to kill at any moment. Even though their looks can be deceiving at times, these animals are not messing around.

What is specifically interesting to a tiger is that when their ears are pinned up a certain way there are spots visible to the surrounding eye. Seeing these spots, we may believe that they are there for the look of it but in actuality, they are not.

These markings on tigers are just one of the ways these big cats can scare off predators. According to boredpanda.com, “The eye-like marking often works as a defense mechanism where a  prey animals mimics the eyes of larger predator animal.” Pretty cool, right?

Well, not all animals that have ocellus, which is the eye-like markings have them for a defense mechanism. It so happens that animals do have these markings accidentally or genetically. The ones that do have them for defense reasons are given a blessing in disguise. Making tigers an apparent leader of their territory.

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