Extreme Sports in the Olympics

When it comes to Olympic sports, we all know about the most popular sports. This includes sprinting, field events and some more running. But those aren’t the only sports in the Olympics. There are over 30 sports in the Olympics and seven in the Winter Olympics. With that said, you may not know that there are in fact a few extreme sports in the Olympics that you can look forward to. That’s right, if you aren’t really interested in watching people run, jump or throw things then you can look forward to getting your adrenaline pumping while watching a few extreme sports.

There are a variety of sports that are considered to be extreme sports without even being in the Olympics. Now our first extreme sport that has made its way into the Olympic arena is parkour. You may have seen a few parkour videos on the internet so you should know that these athletes run and jump from high and difficult objects. At first no one really considered this to be a sport but instead something really dangerous that people did in their free time. However, it has officially been recognised as a real sport, so much so that it is now an Olympic sport.

Getty Images/ Westend61/ Westend61

Now we can’t exactly talk about extreme sports without talking about a sport that involves a board. This leads us to snowboarding. That’s right, if you don’t already know it, snowboarding is seen as an extreme sport even though you do it while on vacation. With that said, this sport has come a long way and is now one of the more extreme winter sports of the Olympics. But that’s not the only sport that requires a board. Surfing is also an extreme Olympic sport that you can watch. Now these are only a few of the extreme sports that you can look forward to in the Olympics.

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