Extortion Disorder Revealed
Most of us have picked a scab here and there, but it’s never such a big deal. But what if you felt like you simply had to pick at your entire skin, and you just couldn’t stop no matter what? Well, this what those with excoriation disorder experience.
It’s a rather sneaky condition that most people are not even aware of it’s existence, although it’s actually pretty common.  Excoriation disorder has destroyed lives and is often the sign that a greater problem exists. Once you start, it’s incredibly difficult to start.
It’s a whole lot more than just picking at your skin. One in twenty people have this disorder.  The diagnosis for this disorder includes constantly having lesions on your skin, as well as having tried to stop but not succeeding.  The skin-picking causes great distress and can seriously impair daily life. It makes the skin picker upset and makes engaging in activities a challenge.  The last criteria for diagnosis is that it is not related to another dermatological issue.
When you think of skin picking, you’ll probably think it’s just someone using their fingers, but some people even use tools such as knives, scissors and tweezers to pick at their skin, to the point where they even bleed in some cases.  This can in a sense be more hygienic since nails are rather dirty, however it is also much more painful. Some people will even use their teeth to remove the skin.
In some cases, people have destroyed their bodies because of it.  Most cases are minor, but in some extreme ones, things get out of hand and can cause cause permanent dis-figuration. People are left with wounds and discolored skin for the rest of their lives.  Many people who suffer from this will go to extreme lengths to cover their faces, which can lead to stress and create problems in relationships.  Picking at the skin can also cause infections and irritate the body, especially since our fingernails are full of bacteria.
This disorder tends to be related to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, with is the repetition of an activity, thought or behavior.  In excoriation disorder, the picking is the repeated behavior, and in some cases this disorder is known as a form of OCD. People with OCD are especially susceptible to being more focused on their bodies.
It is believed that it may be linked to trauma or stressful experiences, since abuse victims are more likely to develop this disorder.  It is also known to occur most commonly in women, and studies have not yet found out why.  This disorder can also be developed at any age, in contrast to most others.

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