Explosive Baby Gender Reveal

Having a big ceremony to reveal the gender of a baby has become a popular trend. Generally, the parents of the baby cut open a cake, and depending on the color of the cake inside, it’s either a boy or a girl. Nothing too complicated, just quite and kitschy.

But when 37 year old United States Border Patrol agent Dennis Dickey decided to have the gender of his soon to be born baby revealed, things got a little out of hand, to say the least.

He wanted to do it a rather explosive fashion in order to impress his friends and family, but he never thought that his stunt would cause a 45,000 acre wildfire. However, this is exactly what happened.

Dickey’s plan what to fire a shotgun at a target that would explode with either pink (a girl), or blue (a boy), revealing the gender of his child to be. However, he didn’t think about the fact that he packed the target with Tannerite, a compound that is highly explosive.  He also chose a place that way too dry for his stunt.

When he fired his shotgun, blue smoke exploded, revealing that he was about to have a boy, however the celebrations ended within seconds, when the explosion light the dry plants surrounding the target.

Not only did it burn 45,000 acres of land, but the explosion also forced hundreds of people to leave their homes.  Luckily, no one was injured, but Dickey still had to pay for his silly mistake. He pleaded guilty to using fire without a permit and paid a hefty fine for the damages he caused.

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