Exotic Popcorn Recipes Sure to Mess With Your Taste Buds

We’re crazy for popcorn. In fact, it may even be our favorite snack. It may be the best snack period. And though we’ll be perfectly satisfied chowing down on some regular salted or buttered or salted and buttered popcorn, we’re totally down to get freaky with it and try a more exotic popcorn recipe. The thing with popcorn is that it works with a surprisingly wide array of unusual ingredients. So, we scavenged the sprawling badlands of online cooking sites in search of the ultimate outlandish popcorn. Here’s what we found.

Crunchy Insta-Ramen Popcorn

Man standing in front of ramen noodle packages

Gettyimages / Romain Maurice / Getty Images Entertainment

Let’s go back, way back. Back to the days of freshman year of college when our bodies absolutely despised us. Well, guess what, we’re going in for another round of instant-ramen-McGayverism: Soak a few packages of ramen noodles (keep the flavor packets on the side for now), fry the noodles in a single layer until they’re crisp, and then drain them. Break those bad boys into pieces and serve them with your freshly made popcorns and the flavor packets you set aside. (You do know where you left them, don’t you?)

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