Exercising In Cold Weather

When living in places where the temperatures drop significantly during the wintertime, it can cause many to experience something we refer to as “laziness.” All of a sudden, the cold is present and no one wants to even move from their bedrooms or warm humble abodes because who wants to deal with the cold, right?

Well, “a new study says the best way to burn fat is by exercising in cold temperatures,” according to Men’s Health. A researcher at Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute believes that when working out in the cold it could maximize the amount of fat burn.

Our bodies produce peptides that are found within our muscles. A certain peptide called sarcolipin (SLN) creates mitochondrion, which in turn burns fats when doing a form of exercise. Prior to this study, scientists were aware of the way SLN functions.

Now, realizing that the peptide can be activated in cold climates, researches are suggesting that people work out in the cold temperatures or at least step outside. By avoiding the cold, people are technically putting themselves at a disadvantage already especially if one is trying to lose any kind of weight.