Evil Spirits Through WhatsApp

In a small town in northern Colombia, a new curfew for minors has been set by the mayor for a rather bizarre reason.

In the town of Parajito, minors under the age of 17 years old are not allowed to be in public places between 7pm and 5am. Why, you may ask? In order to protect them from evil spirits that are believed to be going around in WhatsApp, believe it or not.

In a mere week, an entire 14 strange cases have been reported, including teenagers acting out of characters, threatening to jump off of bridges, some have been fainting and have had strange changes in their voices without explanation.

The one thing that all of the victims had in common was that they were using the messaging app, WhatsApp. The rumor spread that evil spirits were being spread through the app, and that this was the cause of these unusual cases.

In order to protect children, the mayor decided to make a curfew that allows youngsters to only leave their home with the supervision of an elder.

Although this new rule has lost the mayor popularity amongst teenagers, he stills thinks that it is a necessary measure to be taken.

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