Everything You Know About Nutrition Is Wrong

In kindergarten I was told that pizza is healthy since it contains all of the major food groups, carbohydrates, dairy and vegetables.  I took that advice with me as I made my way into adulthood, and understood that pizza could be a staple in my daily diet.

Before you laugh and judge me, you should probably stop and realize that you also have a whole lot of misinformation about nutrition ingrained into your mind.  If you’re buying skim milk and low fat cheese, that’s probably because science told you to. Right? Well, truth be told, science has been lying to you all this time.

Since the science of diet and nutrition seems rather confusing and terrible, that’s because (in most cases) it really is. One day saturated fat is the devil, now it’s just fine. Once fat was our greatest killer, and now it’s been deemed sugar. And wine prevents cancer right?

The science behind many of our beliefs have recently been proven wrong. Nutrition research is full of human biases and errors in methodology.  Eggs, for example were deemed by the FDA that they were to high in fat and cholesterol to be considered as a healthy food however the government still has them listed as part of a healthy breakfast.

Now, we have new efforts to ensure that nutrition studies are conducted more accurately, and we strongly hope that these guidelines go into effect and are carefully followed. We want to stop being fooled once and for all.

But then there’s always another approach. Since we can longer trust science to tell us what’s really healthy, we can just stick to pizza and hope for the best.

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