EU’s Finest Hipster Cities

If you despise organic kale, fixed-gear bikes, starbucks soy milk lattes and long, bushy beards, then here are the exact cities in Europe to avoid.

Mariahilf, Vienna

This Austrian district is small, but has no shortage of super trendy shops, cafes and Ciclopia bike shops.  The Naschmarkt area is one of Vienna’s most popular markets where spices and fresh produce are sold to passionate foodies looking to spruce up their schnitzel game. This market is most happening on Saturdays, and offers some of the most quirky treasures.

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Ixelles, Brussels

Although the downtown area of Brussels has tons of tourists, it is also home to all of the off-the-beat-and-track awesome places and is perfect for the hipster seeking traveler.  This is mainly due to it’s two universities, making it a very student friendly area, with unique indie record stores and pubs serving rabbit stew.

Sredets, Sofia

This Sofia neighbourhood is best known for it’s cozy hangout in a dark alley. Behind a wooden door sits Hambara, the hot spot for intellectuals to express themselves. This adorable cafe is filled with hundreds and hundreds of candles, and was once used as a communist refuge spot. Only those who knew the secret entry code were allowed in.  But one single hipster bar can’t be responsible for an entire area, and that’s exactly why there’s A:part:mental, a signless cultural center located in an ancient building where people do art and play piano.

Trg Bana Jelačića, Zagreb

Martićeva St in Zagreb in and of itself is enough to achieve any hipster goals with its wine bars, speciality butcher shops and counter-culture bookstores. The first coffeeshop and bookstore was Booksa, where artists join together in collaborating intellectual thoughts about foul language.

Old Nicosia, Nicosia

The hipsters of Cyprus know best to get their coffee from Kala Kathoumena, a vine-covered cafe where patrons bring freshly rolled cigarettes.  New Divison is the trendiest place to be in terms of night life, with it’s graffiti walls in a run-down building. If you’re looking for a more zen experience, Utopia Shop has vegan treats as well as yoga and lectures on related topics.

Holesovice, Prague

Holešovická Tržnice is without a doubt the most important hipster destination in this city. It’s an outdoor massive market with a wide selection of funky art galleries, pho stands, and coffee that can only be paid for with Bitcoins.

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