Erase Your Ex From Your Favorite Photos

As though it wasn’t already hard enough to get over a breakup, we are then faced with having to see photos of our ex in all of our favorite photos, and feeling stuck as to whether or not to delete these photos.

It’s a real shame to erase photos from special trips, or other important life events just because this one person is also in the photos. It was our experience too that we wish to remember.

Many people, however, act on impulse, and delete everything and anything to do with their ex, feeling as though they have no other choice in order to start to move on with their lives, and heal their hearts.

Well, thanks to a brand-new service, we can now keep our most precious photos, even post-breakup. The online service is called Edit My Ex. 

The unique service actually allows users to erase any potential evidence of their past romantic partner from photos. It’s as simple as uploading the photo of your choice to their website, and professionals will erase them out of the photo for a fee of $11.90 within a two day period.

The creator of the service decided to make this into a full on business after seeing how powerful such a tool can be. Rofe, the creator provided his friend going through a difficult breakup with an edited photo, and is completely changed around her world.  From then on, there was no looking back and he’s been allowing people to keep their favorite photos without any unwanted additions.

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