Endangered Punk Turtles

If you thought punk was dead, think again. It’s endangered, but still exists. Mary River Turtles, native to Queensland, Australia are here to prove this. These unique turtles have the most epic punk green Mohawk on their heads, made from algae.
They still exist, however unfortunately have been endangered since 1992.  What’s even more problematic for their surival is that they are not a very reproductive species.  It takes them an entire 25 years to be able to mate.
These turtles can remain underwater for three days due to their organs. Together with their impressive abilities and it’s rocking look, this species of turtles became a serious fad during the ’60s and ’70s.  Their nests were raided to be sold as pets, which is what led them to become an endangered species.
They are ranked thirteenth on the London Zoological Society’s new Edge List, largely due to the fact that evolutionary they diverged from a relative 40 million years ago.  Humans diverged from chimps about 8 million years ago, to give you a better understanding of how ancient these turtles can be traced back.

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