Emerging Fashion Brands

Need something to spice up your summer vacations and look stunning? Well, you will need to shop for something different as we have collected the best new fashion brand shops. Seeing how brands have started to become sustainable and take steps towards becoming more environmentally friendly, it is important to appreciate and select brands that are environmentally friendly. opt for these brands as their products will not only protect the environment but also set the bar and encourage other members in the industry to increase efforts for sustainability of the environment.

Getty images/Getty Images Entertainment/ Edward Berthelot/ Contributor

Second Summer launched recently, and it is a vegan brand that specializes in resort wear and is inspired by Ibiza. Their clothes are extremely comfortable, and we assure you that you will not have to worry about comfort when it comes to Second Summer’s summer line. The next brand that we recommend is Spilt Milk. They came with their FW21 collection during the pandemic when everything was uncertain. Their current season is based on the Pandora box from ancient Greek Mythology and their packaging for sunglasses is reminiscent of ancient marble. Another added benefit is their consideration when it comes to sustainability. Spilt Milk sources sustainable bioplastics from Mazzuchelli 1849 and this makes it extremely sustainable for the environment.

Dubai homes multiple local and international brands making it a hotspot. However, one the most sustainable fashion brands in Dubai is Attluale. The brand holds some of the most timeless pieces of fashion making it one of our top recommendations for women. The brand is especially for women who want something more out of fashion and are tired of the previous trend that fashion was following. Their product line consists of clothes from backless tops to wrap maxi dresses.

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